Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rustic Deer Leather Placemats

Just in time for Christmas dinner, your rustic leather deer placemats that we can even customize for your lodge, ranch, or logo. Made of the highest quality lamb leather, leather backing, and sewn around the edges to secure a life-time of use. H&M Valley Ranch seals each placemat with a little leather dye to give an aged appearance. Need a different motif to fit your rustic decor? We can do that as well - let us know what it is at not extra charge!
~H&M Valley Ranch Store Customer Service

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cowhide Boot Stocking from H&M Valley Ranch Store

What fun right before Christmas! The great thing about H&M Valley Ranch Store is that we can custom make the perfect Cowboy Boot Christmas Stocking for you! Stockings from H&M Valley Ranch start at $40.00 - we can personalize your cowboy boot too! Our featured cowboy boot is reversible - it has black and white on the front - brown and white specks on the back. Boot is machine sewn with whip stitched on the white tooled cuff. Measures 18" x 13" - let H&M Valley Ranch make your cowhide cowboy boot stocking today!

~ H&M Valley Ranch Store

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Western Decor Cowboy Wall Hooks from H&M Valley Ranch

New item of the day....Cowboy wall hooks that are made from all metal construction, black powder coated, and ready to hang in the barn, outside, or any place in the ranch. Great for light-weight towels, robes, hats, and keys. H&M Valley Ranch is offering several different styles to choose from. These will make great Christmas items!
~H&M Valley Ranch Western Decor Store
Customer Service 866-878-1317

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Western Decor by H&M Valley Ranch - Product of The Day

Through a combine effort, Jennifer Casebeer & Anna Mayberry, an over sized western wall clock is available exclusively at H&M Valley Ranch Store. One-of-a-kind wooden hand painted life-sized bronc with rider, trimmed in brown cowhide, laced, and finished off with large western hammered clavos. This wall clock measures 37" in diameter and is operated by a single AA battery. This is the only one that you will find in the WORLD! Remember, H&M Valley Ranch ships worldwide!
~H&M Valley Ranch Store

Friday, September 5, 2008

Western Decor at H&M Valley Ranch - New Product of the Day

H&M Valley Ranch Store is trying to add new products as quickly as possible. One of the goals at H&M is to increase the Western Art product line. While we are in this process, please do not hesitate to request special orders for Jennifer Casebeer, she loves to do one-of-a-kind western art pieces. Remember, you can shop online for western art from Jennifer or visit her at the booth at Silver Dollar City during September and October. H&M Valley Ranch is always happy to answer western decor questions that you have, so feel free to email or post to the H&M Valley Ranch Store Blog.
~H&M Valley Ranch Customer Service

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Western Decor Item of The Day, From H&M Valley Ranch Store

H&M Valley Ranch Store will try to post the "new item of the day" every day that new products are uploaded on H&M's online western decor store.
Today's western decor featured product is a western stagecoach with rider and two horses. It is made from an all metal design including the three over sized nails that are hooks for hanging coats, towels, bridles, or anything else. The stagecoach hook that is shown is our rust color, customers may select colors that will best fit their western decor. Need a larger size or more hooks? Special orders are always welcomed at H&M - just send an email or call toll-free with your request.
~H&M Valley Ranch Customer Service

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Western Art Found at H&M Valley Ranch Store

H&M Valley Ranch Store will be adding Jennifer Casebeer's fall western art work. Jennifer is preparing for the show at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. If you are in town, stop by and see her booth located next to the Frisco Barn. Some of the featured products include: folk art painting with a twist- special western painting with flare on vintage wooden bowls, come see our many one-of-a-kind westernized wooden crosses, and lets not forget those forgotten treasures that we have added a cowboy kick to. All of these great finds will be sure to please both the cowgirls and boys alike.
H&M Valley would love to create a special gift for your cowboy or cowgirl that will be sure to please at Christmas or anytime of the year. Be sure to place your order now for customized Christmas orders for that special family, friends, or even yourself!
Remember to call H&M Valley Ranch Store toll-free: 1-866-878-1317 or send an email to:
~H&M Valley Ranch Store Customer Service

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Western Decor - New Western Decor Line For H&M Valley Ranch Store

H&M is so excited to introduce our new western decor product lines - if you are attending Cheyenne Frontier Days, well you will be the first one to see the western decor line up for H&M Valley Ranch Store. Most of you know, Jennifer Casebeer is the western decor consultant for H&M, her western flavor has added a fresh new western twist at the Ranch. Jennifer uses a combination of materials to achieve new looks on old pieces of furniture or essential ranch items. With a little paint, a lot of talent, and ideas from both Jennifer & Anna - we can really come up with some awesome western designs. So, don't be shy, come out to Cheyenne Wyoming July 18 - July 27. Stop by the H&M Valley Ranch Store booth - bring your western decor questions to us and we will try to help you make your ideas become a reality. Remember, The Wild Horse Gulch is where you can shop for western furniture, leather goods, art work, leather pillows, wooden crosses, and so much more at H&M Valley Ranch.
~Anna Mayberry & Jennifer Casebeer, H&M Valley Ranch Store

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cheyenne Frontier Days & H&M Valley Ranch Store

H&M Valley Ranch Store hopes that everyone is gearing up for the big Cheyenne Frontier Days in Cheyenne Wyoming! The Ranch will have several new items this year and it is sure to please all the western adventurous. Look for rustic western table doors with oversized paintings, wooden cowhide crosses, trunks with leather, and western decor accessories that would be pleasing to any ranch.
Look for H&M Valley Ranch in the usual location - Wild Horse Gulch starting on July 18 through the 27. Doors open at 9:30 every morning.
Remember, H&M Valley Ranch Store will also ship your merchandise World Wide - no need to worry about carrying it back on the plane or stowing it away in the trunk!
We look forward to seeing all of the H&M Valley Ranch previous customers and the new ones!
~ H&M Valley Ranch Store

Sunday, March 23, 2008

H&M Valley Ranch Store- Sewing Leather

H&M Valley Ranch Store has received questions on, "How to sew leather?" That depends on your definition of leather. Leather has a "weight" or thickness, obviously the thicker or heavier the weight the harder it is to sew with a light weight machine.

Be very careful of purchasing machines online, especially on ebay that advertise "leather" sewing machine - in reality, very few on ebay have the ability to sew leather such as cowhide, calf, or other heavy leather. If you are really serious about purchasing a true leather machine look for names that have been in the industry for years - juki, consew, artisan, tacsew, tipman, and their are a few others out.Those well known brands have a price tag, prepare your wallet. Industrial leather machines are made to last forever - so the initial cost can start from $1200. to $2600. depending on the make, model, features, and shipping. The price could go up substantially if you purchase a machine that does both straight and zig-zag....most machines only do one or the other.

When considering this investment, consider the service as well! The company that you purchase from should either service the machine or give you a card of a local representative that does. If you purchase a new machine you will still need to have it serviced, so it is very important to find out in advance where it will be going - these machines are very heavy!

Back to "how to sew leather?" Good quality leather machine, leather needles (depends on machine - we use #16-20), leather thread (#69 is what we use), masking tape, leather glue, metal ruler, leather marking pen, and your pattern. That should get you started! If you are really interested in making leather products, go to your local leather supply shop - Tandy Leather is available in many a search to find the one nearest you. Before making a very large investment in a machine, some of the local leather shops will offer classes in leather making - find out if you really like doing leather before you buy all of the supplies and machine to create leather items.
~H&M Valley Ranch Store Customer Service
*H&M gives no preferences, only suggestions of the machines and leather supplies one might purchase as stated above. Anyone who does purchase the above stated items does so knowing that the products and merchandise may be very expensive and does not hold H&M Valley Ranch Store accountable for any of the above expense.

H&M Valley Ranch Store - Blog Postings

Out of common courtesy, H&M Valley Ranch Store would like to ask other western decor stores not to post links from their store to our blog. Upon doing so, we will remove them, just as we would suspect that you would do the same if H&M Valley Ranch Store were to post on your store blog a link to H&M. After six years in the business, H&M Valley Ranch takes great pride in the products we create and sell to our valued customers. It is also our desire to build not only a customer base in the United States, but worldwide - and doing that takes great products, #1 Customer Service, word-of-mouth advertising, and buying advertisement online and in print. That would be our advice to other western decor competitors - not tagging onto our blog site. H&M Valley Ranch Store has created a Google Blog site for the purpose of our customers - giving them new western decor ideas, a forum to ask questions, leave product reviews, and visit with other H&M Valley Ranch Customers.
If other western decor competitors do tag the H&M Valley Ranch Store Google Blog Site, it will be removed, sorry to be blunt!

~ H&M Valley Ranch Store Customer Service Department

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cowhide Placemats and Leather Placemats

We have a limited selection of cowhide runners and placemats posted on the H&M Valley Ranch Store website. However, do not hesitate to place an order - email your color request and your ideas and H&M Valley will design your special western placemats just for your dining room! Most of our placemats ship as soon as we finish them, so therefore we do not place all of them on the website - just general ideas.
H&M does keep in stock embossed, smooth, calf, goat, elk, deer, pig, and several other selections of leathers. We try to keep hair-on-hides available in tri-colors, brindles, red/white, and black/white.
Placemats also differ in size, shape, and with or without fringe. All of the placemats sold at H&M Valley Ranch are handcut, made in America, one placemat at a time. We pride ourself on fine craftmenship and want you to be 100% satisfied with your western decor products.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Western Tacks, Nail Heads, & Clavos from H&M Valley Ranch Store

Many customers have requested H&M Valley Ranch Store offer western nail heads, over sized clavos, and upholstery tacks. For those western do-it-yourself people, we are now adding all of those items necessary for you to tackle your western décor project at home. Western hardware will be the category on the H&M Valley Ranch Store shopping page. Click on western hardware, from there go to western tacks & hardware. Customers will find a selection of western hardware in small quantities; which should help to keep the cost of your project to a minimum.

As always, if you have western décor question, feel free to email H&M Valley Ranch Store, call toll-free or browse their website!

~H&M Valley Ranch Store Design Team

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cowhide Lamp Shade - H&M Valley Ranch Store

Cowhide lamp shade? We are now carrying several cowhide, leather, or a combination. Our inventory is pretty low after Silver Dollar City & Christmas, but we will start adding several shades and CHANDELIERS to the H&M Valley Ranch Store western collection. If you need a shade, but don't see it listed, email or call us toll-free and tell us what you are looking for. Look for the new cowhide and leather window treatments as well! Remember, special orders are always welcomed!

Friday, February 8, 2008

HorseFest Added Show for H&M Valley Ranch Store

We are adding it late to our list, since it is March 7, 8, & 9, 2008 - HorseFest at Springfield Missouri.
We will be in the east wing - booth #132. Jennifer Casebeer will be there with all of her famous rodeo and horse paintings. Jennifer paints on wood, glass, and any antique piece of furniture she can find! Please stop by and visit our booth and enjoy a lot of horse clinics as well.
~H&M Valley Ranch Customer Service

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cowhide Rug - How to clean? Suggestions From H&M Valley Ranch Store

We have had several customers and Internet Searches ask, "How do I clean my cowhide rug?" It is depends on what you want. If you have spilled something on the cowhide, use a mild detergent such as Ivory liquid - Nothing with BLEACH additive!!! Be sure and check the label for ANY chlorine or other harsh chemicals. When you have your mild soap, take a damp cloth add a spot or two of soap and with the grain of the hair gentle remove the stain. Make sure to remove all soapy residue and let air dry. To clean on a regular basis just for dust - you can either shake the rug or vacuum with a gentle brush attachment - NEVER place your vacuum cleaner directly on the rug - it could get sucked into the vacuum and cause you to lose a clump of hair! Use attachments only when dry dusting rug.
Other questions? Feel free to email us at or go to our website for more information

~H&M Valley Western Decor Design Team

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mini Horseshoe Ornaments from H&M Valley Ranch Store

Western shoppers, guess what the most popular western decor item sold at H&M Valley Ranch Store is? Cowhide leather runners? Western Rustic Bronc Lamps? Okay, how about all of those western hardware handles and knobs. Nope, the most sold item at H&M Valley Ranch is... the mini horseshoe - product number MH-22, the price, $.99.
So, for all of you western decor buyers who have purchased the mini-horseshoe, what do you do with them? Share with our western shoppers some decorating ideas and how they could use the mini-horseshoes in their home, lodge, or ranch home.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Top Western Decor Searches for H&M Valley Ranch Store

At the Ranch, we like our customers and other people browsing around on the Internet to know what other western people are searching for. For the month of January 2008, western enthusiast are coming to H&M Valley Ranch Online Store for the following western decor items:
1. Western Decor
2. Cowhide Mirror- MIR-201
3. Rifle Hook- NH-S01
4. Cowhide Placemats/Leather - LRC-151
5. Western Lamp Shades- SHK-16
6. Mini Horseshoes- MH-22
7. Western Pillows- PL-101
8. Western Bathroom Accessories
9. Ranch Decor
10. Cowhide Table Runners- RU-01
And about 250 other western searches!

Need a western decor item and can't find it? Call toll-free 866.878.1317 or email us: and we will see if we can help locate or make the your western decor need.
~H&M Valley Ranch Store Customer Service

Friday, January 18, 2008

Western Decor Mailing List from H&M Valley Ranch Store

For all of you western decor enthusiast, we print a bi-monthly product flyer that has about 30 western decor products from H&M Valley Ranch Store. If you would like to read the latest Western Decor Trends, find out places to shop for western decor, or browse our western decor line, drop us an email and we would be pleased to add you to are mailing list. Go to our website:, hit email, and tell us that you would like to receive a product flyer.
H&M Valley Ranch, will send out the next Western Decor issue March 2008.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Western Decor Trends for 2008

Look for the new cowhide rugs, these are not your ordinary cowhide rugs either – acid wash is the latest in cowhide rug fashion. But, don’t think in terms of just rugs, the hottest purses, belts, hats, pillows, furniture, and everything in between will have some patches of the acid cowhide. For examples of the acid wash, checkout the Western Christmas Gift Guide section in: American Cowboy, Cowboys & Indians, & Western Horseman magazines. H&M Valley Ranch will be listing their new acid wash line in late November of 2008. Be looking for the acid wash cowhide mirrors, chaise loungers, pillows and foot stools.

Hand-tooled leather items will be highly visible this fall and probably even into early spring. Fall colors of deep rust, dark hues of brown and age-old black are being created into leather & silver earrings, handbags, arms of furniture, and a host of other western treasures. Belts are also going to flash some hand-tooled leather, but look for a lot of acid wash hair-on hide as well.

Do you have a western décor question or comment? How about ways to add old western charm to your existing décor? Ask us here at the Ranch, we love to hear from you! If we cannot answer your question, we will find someone that can. Jennifer Casebeer is part of the design team here at the Ranch. Jennifer lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and has years of experience in both modern and antique western designs. The Ranch will be listing more of Jennifer’s western artwork and designs in the upcoming months.
-Western Design Creators at H&M Valley Ranch Store

866-878-1317 or