Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cowhide Rug - How to clean? Suggestions From H&M Valley Ranch Store

We have had several customers and Internet Searches ask, "How do I clean my cowhide rug?" It is depends on what you want. If you have spilled something on the cowhide, use a mild detergent such as Ivory liquid - Nothing with BLEACH additive!!! Be sure and check the label for ANY chlorine or other harsh chemicals. When you have your mild soap, take a damp cloth add a spot or two of soap and with the grain of the hair gentle remove the stain. Make sure to remove all soapy residue and let air dry. To clean on a regular basis just for dust - you can either shake the rug or vacuum with a gentle brush attachment - NEVER place your vacuum cleaner directly on the rug - it could get sucked into the vacuum and cause you to lose a clump of hair! Use attachments only when dry dusting rug.
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~H&M Valley Western Decor Design Team

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