Thursday, April 30, 2009

Western Room Dividers

Spring 2009 edition of "do it Yourself" magazine from Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Publications. Reference page 44./photo by Adam Albright/project Angie Packer

This room divider caught my eye and interest since I love decorating with tacks and western nail heads. The concept is simple in design and the average home decorator could pull this off with a little more spice to boot! Tip to creating the simple design? A compass - it helps make perfect spacing and leaves out the guess work.

Suggestions that would enhance this room divider into a more western appeal? Notice the lattice/woven mesh top - replace with smooth wood: cover with leather, cowhide, create a painting on all three sections (one painting or individual paintings), how about a photo frame, or a message board for the family? Room dividers can provide focal points of decorating or become a subdue part of the room (like the one in the photo), the design of your divider will determine how much emphasis you want placed on your new piece of decor.

Follow our western decor blog for more ideas and western decor products for your home and lifestyle!

~H&M Valley Ranch Store

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cowhide & Leather Photo Frames

H&M Valley Ranch Store was busy the last few weeks creating custom cowhide and leather frames. If you need a particular size, color, and leather selection, H&M Valley Ranch will be happy to meet your western decor style.

~H&M Valley Ranch Store

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rustic Leather Coasters

Rustic Leather Coaster, Sm (CS-5000)

Rustic smooth leather coasters great for kitchen or living room. Great match to the rustic backed runner. Measures approx. 5"x6", waxed for a protective finish, smooth backing machine sewn. We can apply any motif that you need: deer, bronc, barbwire, bullrider, etc.

Our Price: $5.99
~H&M Valley Ranch Western Decor Store

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rustic Wooden Chair - Neck Tie Lattice

The great thing about "print" is that most of us who truly love rustic, vintage, western, and just plain decorating ideas, tricks, and hints will hang on to a magazine until the cover wears off! The photo to the left caught my eye from Country Home Dec 06/Jan 07 edition. The vintage wooden chair is revived with "neck ties" instead of the traditional wooden or lattice seat. Thoughts ran through my mind, what would I use - cowboy print fabric, leather, or something else more western? What about western neck ties? That would be a fabulous answer to resolve issues of too many ties that you can't part with.

Take a closer look at the this vintage chair, what a great way to reestablish an old chair that would be consider trash by placing something of treasure to you. What treasures do you have packed away that you can't find a way to display them? If they are treasures, why not display them in a useful manner that will serve to provide not only memories, but also provide functionality to you and your family. Recently, my dad passed away so I thought that I could use his jeans that I kept and make a lattice seat for one of my chairs or maybe several. It will serve as a means to provide honor and memories of my dad and also enrich the decor of my home.

Whatever you do, make it memorable for you and your family - above all enjoy decorating and living in your vintage and western decor home.

As always, H&M Valley Ranch would be more than happy to help you create this project. If you need us to complete the project for you, we can do that as well!

~H&M Valley Ranch Western Decor Store

photo from Country Home magazine Dec 06/Jan 07 issue. Written by Debra Landwehr Engle and photos by John Kernick

Friday, April 17, 2009

Rustic Leather Window Valance

If you get a chance and are lucking enough to find one if you don't have a subscription to American Cowboy Magazine, turn to the "Living The Dream" section. Above is one of the photos from James Ray Spahn and article written by Carrie Nathans. We would like to focus on the window treatment - leather (assuming that it is elk or deer) rustic and simple valance. It is hard to tell, but the three sections are probably what we call - crossed or "x" laced together and fringe at various lengths twisted to give the simple look more "pop". Recently, the colors have drifted from the "natural" finish of brown or light tan to the colors of the rainbow! Mixing of deep reds with violets and every other combination are bursting onto the western scene. When selecting window treatment colors, don't be shy about staying with traditional, especially if you like pzazz! We are in an era of combination of colors, motifs, and blending of all tastes - go with it!

At the Ranch we are excited that leather is not only traditional, but becoming very popular in the urban modern homes as well. Look for more fusion of the two cultures in the months to come and a twist of vintage in the urban as well. The Ranch does not have our leather valances online yet, but we will try to get those on within the next month. For now, if you would like to order a rustic leather valance to your specifications, call toll-free 866-878-1317. We love to accommodate all of your western decor needs!

Thank you for taking the time to visit us at the Ranch, questions? Blog the Ranch and we will be happy to respond!

~H&M Valley Ranch Western Decor Store

above photo located on page 78 April/May issue of American Cowboy Magazine

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Western Decor from H&M Valley Ranch Store

Longhorn on rustic vintage door - great for the western bedroom as a "headboard".

This is the last photo from the booth at Round Top, Texas during the spring antique show. H&M Valley Ranch Store was set-up at Round Top Hill just a mile north of Round Top. H&M Valley Ranch will be returning during the spring 2010 show, but they are not sure about fall 2009 due to prior commitments.

Need a custom piece - Jennifer & Anna would love to accommodate you and create the perfect western decor item for your home.

~H&M Valley Ranch Western Decor Store

Leather Tee-Pee Suspended Light

Leather Tee-Pee Hanging Light (LP-50)

Hand-crafted leather Tee-Pee Hanging Light with on/off switch on cord. Measures 20" wide x 23" tall, all leather construction, metal frame with wire security chain. Other leather lights to select from - custom orders available.

Our Price: $169.99

~H&M Valley Ranch Western Decor Store

Sunday, April 12, 2009

H&M Valley Ranch Store - more western decor photos

At H&M Valley Ranch Store, Jennifer Casebeer can create any cross that will perfectly compliment any of your rustic western decor. Her medium is either a glass frame or wooden base, add paper, paint, embellishments, and sealer - the product is one beautiful cross for wall or stand display. Sizes will vary depending on your need as well. Need a particular size and motif? Jennifer will be happy to accommodate all of your rustic western needs. Prices start at $30.00 up to $100.00.

~H&M Valley Ranch Store - you western decor store

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

H-M Valley Ranch Store @ Round Top, TX

H-M Valley Ranch Store has just returned from beautiful Round Top, Texas. H-M had the pleasure of setting up shop for ten days at Round Top Hill – Roy you’re the best host and went above and beyond taking care of all of your vendors! The wind blew the tent away on Thursday and we were allowed to move in for the last two days of the show – thanks again, Roy.

H-M Valley Ranch is proud to have encountered so many western enthusiast during the show, our conversations were lengthy sometimes (we are passionate about anything western). Some of our online customers bumped into our shop as well, we like to keep up with our customers – easy to do when you operate the business from the product to the packaging.

Thanks for your continued support of H-M Valley Ranch Store – we will post a few of our pictures from the booth at Round Top – most of the paintings of Jennifer’s sold at the show!

~H-M Valley Ranch Store