Sunday, March 23, 2008

H&M Valley Ranch Store - Blog Postings

Out of common courtesy, H&M Valley Ranch Store would like to ask other western decor stores not to post links from their store to our blog. Upon doing so, we will remove them, just as we would suspect that you would do the same if H&M Valley Ranch Store were to post on your store blog a link to H&M. After six years in the business, H&M Valley Ranch takes great pride in the products we create and sell to our valued customers. It is also our desire to build not only a customer base in the United States, but worldwide - and doing that takes great products, #1 Customer Service, word-of-mouth advertising, and buying advertisement online and in print. That would be our advice to other western decor competitors - not tagging onto our blog site. H&M Valley Ranch Store has created a Google Blog site for the purpose of our customers - giving them new western decor ideas, a forum to ask questions, leave product reviews, and visit with other H&M Valley Ranch Customers.
If other western decor competitors do tag the H&M Valley Ranch Store Google Blog Site, it will be removed, sorry to be blunt!

~ H&M Valley Ranch Store Customer Service Department

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