Monday, January 21, 2008

Top Western Decor Searches for H&M Valley Ranch Store

At the Ranch, we like our customers and other people browsing around on the Internet to know what other western people are searching for. For the month of January 2008, western enthusiast are coming to H&M Valley Ranch Online Store for the following western decor items:
1. Western Decor
2. Cowhide Mirror- MIR-201
3. Rifle Hook- NH-S01
4. Cowhide Placemats/Leather - LRC-151
5. Western Lamp Shades- SHK-16
6. Mini Horseshoes- MH-22
7. Western Pillows- PL-101
8. Western Bathroom Accessories
9. Ranch Decor
10. Cowhide Table Runners- RU-01
And about 250 other western searches!

Need a western decor item and can't find it? Call toll-free 866.878.1317 or email us: and we will see if we can help locate or make the your western decor need.
~H&M Valley Ranch Store Customer Service

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