Thursday, January 17, 2008

Western Decor Trends for 2008

Look for the new cowhide rugs, these are not your ordinary cowhide rugs either – acid wash is the latest in cowhide rug fashion. But, don’t think in terms of just rugs, the hottest purses, belts, hats, pillows, furniture, and everything in between will have some patches of the acid cowhide. For examples of the acid wash, checkout the Western Christmas Gift Guide section in: American Cowboy, Cowboys & Indians, & Western Horseman magazines. H&M Valley Ranch will be listing their new acid wash line in late November of 2008. Be looking for the acid wash cowhide mirrors, chaise loungers, pillows and foot stools.

Hand-tooled leather items will be highly visible this fall and probably even into early spring. Fall colors of deep rust, dark hues of brown and age-old black are being created into leather & silver earrings, handbags, arms of furniture, and a host of other western treasures. Belts are also going to flash some hand-tooled leather, but look for a lot of acid wash hair-on hide as well.

Do you have a western décor question or comment? How about ways to add old western charm to your existing décor? Ask us here at the Ranch, we love to hear from you! If we cannot answer your question, we will find someone that can. Jennifer Casebeer is part of the design team here at the Ranch. Jennifer lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and has years of experience in both modern and antique western designs. The Ranch will be listing more of Jennifer’s western artwork and designs in the upcoming months.
-Western Design Creators at H&M Valley Ranch Store

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