Thursday, April 30, 2009

Western Room Dividers

Spring 2009 edition of "do it Yourself" magazine from Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Publications. Reference page 44./photo by Adam Albright/project Angie Packer

This room divider caught my eye and interest since I love decorating with tacks and western nail heads. The concept is simple in design and the average home decorator could pull this off with a little more spice to boot! Tip to creating the simple design? A compass - it helps make perfect spacing and leaves out the guess work.

Suggestions that would enhance this room divider into a more western appeal? Notice the lattice/woven mesh top - replace with smooth wood: cover with leather, cowhide, create a painting on all three sections (one painting or individual paintings), how about a photo frame, or a message board for the family? Room dividers can provide focal points of decorating or become a subdue part of the room (like the one in the photo), the design of your divider will determine how much emphasis you want placed on your new piece of decor.

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