Friday, April 17, 2009

Rustic Leather Window Valance

If you get a chance and are lucking enough to find one if you don't have a subscription to American Cowboy Magazine, turn to the "Living The Dream" section. Above is one of the photos from James Ray Spahn and article written by Carrie Nathans. We would like to focus on the window treatment - leather (assuming that it is elk or deer) rustic and simple valance. It is hard to tell, but the three sections are probably what we call - crossed or "x" laced together and fringe at various lengths twisted to give the simple look more "pop". Recently, the colors have drifted from the "natural" finish of brown or light tan to the colors of the rainbow! Mixing of deep reds with violets and every other combination are bursting onto the western scene. When selecting window treatment colors, don't be shy about staying with traditional, especially if you like pzazz! We are in an era of combination of colors, motifs, and blending of all tastes - go with it!

At the Ranch we are excited that leather is not only traditional, but becoming very popular in the urban modern homes as well. Look for more fusion of the two cultures in the months to come and a twist of vintage in the urban as well. The Ranch does not have our leather valances online yet, but we will try to get those on within the next month. For now, if you would like to order a rustic leather valance to your specifications, call toll-free 866-878-1317. We love to accommodate all of your western decor needs!

Thank you for taking the time to visit us at the Ranch, questions? Blog the Ranch and we will be happy to respond!

~H&M Valley Ranch Western Decor Store

above photo located on page 78 April/May issue of American Cowboy Magazine

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