Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shabby Chic Western Decor Ideas

Photograph~Kip Dawkins
Country Home Dec 2006/Jan 2007

We have said before that the possibilities are endless when decorating with shabby chic with a little western kick. Yes, we have stated before that "print" resources never die at the Ranch, we love going through the magazines of the past and renewing old ideas. With that said, take a close look at the above "chalk board" or "family message board." Did you really examine the details of the board? Really? Look towards the floor, against the wall, behind the table legs, even up along the wall. A recycled screen door! Who comes up with these fabulous ideas? Whoever your are, we love it!

Okay, so you are asking yourself, "How do I make my own?" I know, we wanted to know what it would take and scrambling around to find out if we had everything to create our own. First, take a screen door- the more shabby the better! Remove all of the metal mesh remnants that may be left behind- use gloves to remove any glacier points, metal, or old nails. Once all of the loose particles are removed carefully measure a smooth piece of plywood or other surface material that will adhere to the "chalk paint" found at the local hardware store. We recommend spraying the chalk on first before attaching to the screen. After the board is sprayed, place it in your screen and attach with hardware. That is it folks, you have now created your own shabby chic message board.

As pictured above they have used a table with possible screws in the screen for mounting and security. Make sure that you secure your board to an even surface using mounting screws, otherwise it could be subject to falling. It is not recommended to just prop it against the wall or other objects unless created as a bi-fold door, which is just a few more steps, but easy enough to do.

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*Take precautions, a nick from a piece of the screen can become infected quickly if you break the skin! Use all safety gear necessary to prevent an accident.

*H&M Valley Ranch Store does not take responsibility for any injuries, accidents, or damage sustain while attempting to perform this DIY activity.

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