Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Western Magazines

Photo is posted on the American Cowboy website and February/March issue of their magazine - http://www.americancowboy.com

Anyone having trouble locating new western magazines? Typically the American Cowboy and Cowboys & Indians would be fully stocked on the shelf. Not this time, even though other magazines are popping up "April/May" issues. I hope that our local area is not cutting out our favorite western magazines - they already have with several other popular ones. Well, look on the bright side - that means I will just have to quit being lazy and buy a subscription. Why not? They practically bring it to my door, no counter checkout, waiting to get a parking space, and driving around to different department stores to try to find them. Um...should have thought of that one earlier.
No, in all seriousness, I am really curious because of our advertisement in the western magazines - the faster they reach the readers, the better coverage we receive.
Give a shout back if anyone else is having trouble locating our beloved western reading!

~H&M Valley Ranch Western Decor Store


Susan said...

Yes, a new western magazine is Women Out West Magazine. Their website is www.womenoutwestmagazine.com! They have a terrific Western Living section too. I'd bet they'd be interested in interviewing the Western Decor Store at H&M!!

H&M Valley Ranch Store said...

We have been keeping up with "WOW" magazine here at the Ranch, you can thank Fancy for the follow. It is amazing how all of the western and vintage lifestyles are connecting thanks to Cactus Creek Daily!

~ Anna, H&M Valley Ranch Store