Saturday, January 31, 2009

Western Decor in 2009 from H&M Valley Ranch Store

Look for new western décor ideas at H&M Valley Ranch Store in 2009! The designers at H&M are creating new western décor products for the upcoming year that are likely not to be found anywhere else. Vintage western décor is still hot this year, and you will probably see more over-the-top ideas this year. Look for vintage western doors that now serve as end and coffee tables – adorned with large clavos, leather, and hand-painted western art. Recycled barn wood to columns are being transformed into oversized pieces of western furniture, most are simple in design but makes the statement, “Western ranch, and proud of it.” For those who like the “a collective” western décor – a mixture of a little bit of everything, this will probably be your biggest year. The traditional western room will go from one central theme to anything western goes! Drift wood, worn out cowboy boots, muddy spurs from the last ride, a one stirrup saddle, cozy leather pillows, the rawhide shade on the horseshoe lamp, down to the enormous busting bronc clock will be right at home in the ranch living room, bunk house, or upscale apartment. If you like it, and it is western, bring it home and find a spot for it. Make your home in 2009, the most western place to be!
~H&M Valley Ranch Store Design Team

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